Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beer Recommendation

Though anyone could guess it after spending just thirty seconds on this nobody-blog, I will reiterate this point again: no one gives me stuff for free or pays me to mention it. Any name-brand things I recommend here are unsolicited endorsements of stuff I genuinely like.

Onward! I wanted to put in a plug for some beer that's recently shown up at my bodega (aka the corner store where I routinely appear around three in the afternoon twice a week to buy family-sized jugs of cheap merlot—yes, I am a writer). It's a newish seasonal brew from Sam Adams, called Noble Pils. I heartily concur with something the manfriend said when he first brought it home and cracked one open—I've never been particularly blown away by a Sam offering before. Their beers are generally above average (in both taste and, sadly, price), and I'm proud of them as a local enterprise. But this is the first beer I've had of theirs that is truly excellent.

I won't bore you by rehashing what I might find written about the brewing process or ingredients. I will also fess up that I'm having a bottle of it right now, and that I preceded it with a large hunk of brownie, eaten directly off the spatula over the sink. This is probably not a recommended food pairing. But anyhow, here's what I think: Noble Pils is light without tasting watery, has a faintly spicy tang to it, and I bet it tastes even better in the summer than it does now, in the midst of a blizzardy January in New England. Also, it is a gooorgeous color. Pantone 136C. Call me phallic, but I usually prefer to drink my [non-stout] beer straight out of a bottle, but for this one I'd make an exception, because it's just the prettiest honey color you've ever seen.

That's it, really. If you spot Noble Pils in a packie near you, you have my full encouragement to bring it home.

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